Albert Vielfaure, the eldest of nine children, was born in La Broquerie, Manitoba on April 6, 1923. He attended primary school locally and completed grade eleven at the village school. He married Solange Desrosiers in 1951 and they have two daughters and three sons.

After leaving school Albert went to work on the family farm. With his brother Aime, they took over management of the farm after the death of their father and operated it until 1946.

The brothers bought La Broquerie Transfer in 1946. They hauled milk in cans to Winnipeg, brought back freight for merchants and area farmers, and hauled livestock, hay and wood. After selling the trucking business, Albert returned to farming with his brother raising dairy and beef cattle. In 1963, along with Aime and two of his brothers-in-law, they built one of the first hog barns in the area housing one thousand feeder pigs. They were also among the first in Southeast Manitoba to grow corn for grain. Albert retired from active farming in 1999.

Albert has served his community in many roles, including as a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Co-op store, Caisse Populaire and Church Board. Elected to the Manitoba Legislature, Albert represented the La Verendrye Constituency from 1962-1969. During this time he remained active in agriculture production and farm management. From 1970-1975, Albert served on the Manitoba Hog Marketing Commission; the first Canadian producer group to sell chilled pork to Japan. From 1970-1979, Albert was appointed as a member of an advisory board to the Federal Minister of Agriculture. In 1972, the federal government appointed Albert a founding member of the National Farm Products Marketing Council, which was the supervisory body of the National Supply Management Agencies. He served on this board with distinction for twenty-one years. In 1979, the Vielfaure family received The Red River Exhibition’s “Farmer of the Year” award.

Also active in the Francophone community, Albert was appointed in 1986 to an advisory board for farm programming on the CBC French Network where he served for four years. He was a member of the Fédération des Caisses Populaires du Manitoba from 1971-1982 and was a member of the French Foundation “Francofonds”, for which the Vielfaures were the “Honourary Family of the Year” for fundraising in 1994. In 2000, Albert received the “Prix Riel”, an award recognizing his numerous and lifelong contributions to the Francophone community.

Albert has been a leader in agriculture at all levels and has made a significant difference to those with whom he has come in contact.