Born at Deleau, Manitoba, Les Robson was a graduate of the Manitoba Agricultural College in 1915. He started his farming career in 1917 near his father’s farm following his marriage to Edna Chapman.

Robson was very active in farm organizations and the development of the co-operative movement. He was a member of many of the boards such as the Hartney Co-operative Elevator Association, Hartney Consumer Association, Manitoba Poultry and Dairy Association, Manitoba Co-operative Livestock Producers, Deleau and Hartney Credit Union and the co-operative Credit Society of Manitoba.

Robson specialized in raising purebred polled Herefords which were exhibited at fairs in the province, at the Commonwealth Show in Regina in 1955 and the Toronto Royal. His breeding stock were sold all across Canada and the U.S. with shipments to Great Britain, Japan and Czechoslovakia. He received appreciation messages and plaques for his development of the Founding Herd of the Beau Mode 2 influence in Canada. His stock set record prices and won major championships across North America. In 1977, he was named for the Canadian Hereford Honor Roll by the Canadian Hereford Association.

Robson willingly served the Hereford association as president of the Manitoba Hereford Association and as president of the Canadian Hereford Association in 1947 and 1948. As a community minded individual, Robson served on the school, church and agricultural society boards. He was always alert to new farming innovations and was the first to grow alfalfa in his area.

Robson was dedicated to the family farm concept of agriculture. He carried out to the best of his ability the best methods of production — without depleting the soil, making a home, raising and educating a family and contributing to the life of the whole community.