Sidney Edwin Ransom, the son of Wilson and Edna (Hughes) Ransom, was born on the S.W. quarter of 15-2-21 w. of the Morton Municipality. He was a family man, farmer, conservationist, and speaker. In 1934 Sid married Kathleen Mary Ashworth, and they raised three sons: Bill, Don, and Brian. The family were quite involved in community affairs: schooling, 4-H Grain Clubs, and Co-operative and Credit Union movements.

During the dry years of the 30s, Mr. Ransom rented a quarter section of land. At first its grain production level was very low, but by following good management practises he, later, was able to buy the quarter, plus two more. He grew a special variety of Gary oats and registered Selkirk wheat, and relentlessly removed poor quality plants and weeds from his crops.

When the Manitoba Federation of Agriculture was started, Sid participated at the local and district levels. In 1958 he was chosen as the Provincial President. He also served the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. The birth of the Manitoba Farm Bureau came under his wise and guiding hand.

Mr. Ransom was given many trophies and awards for his contributions to the protection of the environment. In 1954 he received a “Save the Soil” certificate from the Minister of Agriculture. This was only the first of many times that he received recognition for his contributions to the husbandry of soil resources. In 1967 he was given the “Farm Leadership Award” in recognition of his important efforts concerning soil management. The establishment of the “Turtle Mountain Conservation District” and the “Conservation Farm Award” identifies his selfless efforts in this cause. In 1981 he was a guest speaker at the “Land Use Conference”. His message was about the proper use of: land, natural resources, and wildlife inhabitants. Nor, did his message strike only at Canadians. Many of his students were U.S. citizens. Natural resources were an abiding concern for this man.

Sid was interested in many local and provincial affairs. He worked with Community Justice in order to help young people who had broken the law. He served as a municipal councillor, a Westview Lodge board member, a supporter of Ducks Unlimited, and a Chamber of Commerce member. He had an honourary life membership in the Manitoba Wildlife Association, and he was a member of the Manitoba Institute of Agrology. His interests were many and varied.

It should be noted, that he did his best to protect the environment, and to improve the way of life of people, for the enjoyment of future generations.