Born in 1893 at Douglas, Manitoba to pioneers Robert and Marion McKeand, Dave McKeand learned the ways of farming early and began farming on his own at the age of 16.

McKeand was a member of the United Farmers of Manitoba and one of the original members of Manitoba Pool. He was also a member of the Canadian Seed Growers Association, growing pedigreed seed and a winner of the Save the Soil trophy for Brandon North. A member of the Provisional Board of the Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame Inc. at the time of its incorporation in 1976, he was a dedicated supporter of the idea that those who in their time contributed to the betterment of rural living be recognized.

He developed an interest in the idea that a provincial museum be established whereby artifacts and related history be collected and preserved for posterity. In 1951 when the idea became a reality, he was one of the founding members of the Manitoba Agricultural Museum Inc., serving as director from 1955 to the time of his passing. During this period, he served 12 years as president and was instrumental in advancing ideas that brought success to the corporation. In 1971, he was appointed honorary president and was presented with a plaque in recognition of his many years of service.

The success story of the Manitoba Threshermen’s Reunion and Stampede, the biggest event of its kind in Canada today, can be credited in many ways to his input.