John Stanley Henry, the eldest son of Charles and Lillian Henry of Oak River, Manitoba, lived all of his life on the family farm. His elementary, junior high, and high school education was provided by the local school. In 1929, he enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba. He received the Gold Medal for highest academic standing that year, but was unable to continue because of the financial problems of the 1930’s. He and his wife Jean (McCrindle) were married in 1943, and raised three children.

In 1953 he built a seed cleaning plant, and his name and reputation for quality grew. He was awarded the designation “Elite” (later known as Select Seed Growers) in 1958, and in 1980, then term “Secan Member” was added. In 1975 he was chosen from the Seed Growers to tour the USSR as a Canadian Ambassador. Because of his knowledge and dedication to good seed, he was given the Outstanding Service Award by the Manitoba Seed Growers Association. In 1981 the Canadian Seed Growers Association elected him to the prestigious “Robertson Associates”, the highest honour presented to a seed grower.

Mr. J.S. Henry’s interests were many. He started a purebred herd of Shorthorn cattle, and with the assistance of the Brandon Experimental Farm was involved in a cross breeding experiment. He contributed to education for he served as trustee and chairman of the Local and Divisional School Boards. He also served as a councillor for the Municipality. He was a United Church member and supported it by performing many tasks; teacher, superintendent, clerk of the session, member of the Official Board, and Executive Officer of the Presbytery. His enthusiasm for sports; hockey, baseball and curling, included both coaching and playing.

An Oak River plaque and a life membership in the MCA illustrated their recognition of his contributions. Another element of interest that he developed was the preservation of our heritage. He was one of the Founding Members of the Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame.
Stan Henry was well known, and highly respected, for he displayed an excellent example of high integrity and good citizenship.